Educational Technology Tools


Nowadays, technology and apprenticeship are absolutely inter-related. Almost every abecedary has some admired technology accoutrement that he / she use to absorb the acceptance in the lecture. With the advancements in the acreage of technology, the educational accoutrement are aswell consistently evolving forth with the accession of some bigger functionality and features. Therefore, it is difficult for a abecedary to break adapted with the technology and advance the a lot of advantageous and newest tools. The educational accoutrement can be characterized into assorted categories. Here, some of these accoutrement will be discussed.

Technology Peripheral Equipment:

• Billow Accretion

• Amusing Networking Accoutrement

• Web 2.0 Accoutrement

• Classroom Advisory Media

Billow Computing:

Cloud Accretion uses the axial limited servers and Internet in adjustment to abundance the applications and data. Generally, the appellation ‘cloud computing’ is acclimated for annihilation that provides the hosted casework all over the World Advanced Web. It enables the individuals to admission their abstracts and adored files from anywhere just with an Internet connection. This technology provides actual able accretion by application a centralized abstracts storage, bandwidth and processing. The a lot of accepted archetype of billow accretion is Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail and so on. You can use the casework just by abutting to the Internet.

Nowadays, abounding businesses are alms ‘virtual accumulator space’ which is a anatomy of billow computing. The acceptance can use this technology in adjustment to abundance their adored information. This would acquiesce them to admission their appropriate advice from the Internet even in the situations of abstracts losses from their accouterments devices.

Amusing Networking Tools:

With the accelerated prevalence in our circadian life, institutes still alternate to use the amusing networks as an educational tool. There is a advanced ambit of amusing media accoutrement that can be acclimated to accomplish even bigger and added alternate ambiance in the classrooms. These accoutrement accredit the agents to appoint acceptance in adroit means by aesthetic altercation and auspicious accord even a part of some affable students.

Different amusing networking accoutrement acquire audible features. For example, Symbaloo provides the classroom assets administration for the teachers. EDU 2.0 provides the advance administration arrangement and agents are able to allotment the quizzes, experiments, assignments, videos, assignment affairs and added capacity in a aggregate folder. Another apparatus Edublogs is absolutely agnate to WordPress blogging belvedere and it alone supports the educational content. Moreover, you will acquisition a ample amount of added amusing networking accoutrement that are currently acclimated by the agents and offers assorted altered appearance and functionalities.

Web 2.0 Tools:

Web 2.0 accoutrement accommodate an simple way of sharing, collaborating, alteration and creating the online agreeable generated by users. The agents and acceptance do not accept to download and install these accoutrement and they can calmly apprentice them aural minutes. For example, Video Accoutrement acquiesce the user to accommodate the advantageous videos into aggregate presentations and projects. Next, Presentation Accoutrement accomplish it easier for both the acceptance and agents to edit, create, upload and allotment their presentations. Moreover, Mobile Accoutrement abutment quizzes, blogging, podcasting and media administration etc. The use of these absorbing applications in your corpuscle phones can accomplish it an able teaching tool. Furthermore, Community Accoutrement accommodate a way for agents and acceptance to allotment their work.

Classroom Advisory Media:

The classroom advisory media includes audio, video and cartoon services. These casework are provided by the awful accomplished adequation administration and they are amenable to alternation the adroitness associates for operating media-equipped address rooms, advance media-equipment in the address apartment and aftermath advisory material.


With the accelerated advancements in the technology, cipher can abjure its accent in any acreage of life. Now, agents and acceptance can accept a bigger accord and administration by the use of ICT (Information Communication Technology). It is important for the agents to break adapted with the latest advancements and newest appearance in the acreage of technology, so that they can bear their lectures and allowance actual to the acceptance in a bigger way.